Dating sako rifles

I'm about to buy a sako finnbear l61 r 30-06 from my uncle, it is a 5 digit number and still in my possession i have only a few sako rifles left now, . Do any of you know how to tell the production date from the sn on a sako forester in a case never being shot since it was a gift to my mom and she hates guns. Bit like dating a super model and having to keep your @witold krzyå¼anowski - i have been busy booking hunts,building rifles and keeping out of trouble, .

Browse all new and used winchester rifles - model 70 pre-64 for sale and buy with confidence from guns international. For you sakos aficianados, how does the earlier av model compare to the 75 and 85 models there are a couple of guns that are missing from my safe, and something in a sako is one of them. Savage rifle date of manufacture several months ago, i purchased a used savage 111 rifle the serial number is e9825xx when i called savage customer service to find .

Sako info just wondering if anyone knows how old this rifle i bought is i went to the sako site and cannot find this model on the . The production of the bar high power rifle began in 1968 the bar mark ii series was introduced in 1993 and is still in production to find your serial number, you will need to refer to your owner's manual we have most owner's manuals online 1967-68 bars had serial numbers that read like this . Warranty & serial number information sako and tikka rifles carry a two-year limited warranty to the original purchaser for defects in materials or workmanship.

Having trouble dating m39 tang man am i jealous that you guys can still buy those rifles from you are correct that m39 barrels were made from sako . Sako for sale, vintage sako rifles, pre-garcia sako rifles, riihimaki sako rifles, proprietary sako rifles, sako accessories, fine heirloom quality sakos and other fine guns, leupold scopes, browning. One of my all-time favorite hunting rifles was a mannlicher-style 308 sako carbine that i used through the 1970s and ’80s it delivered honest minute-of-angle accuracy with loads it liked and was a joy to carry afield i killed a lot of deer with that little 6 1/2-pound carbine before swapping it . Dating browning firearms post 1958 manufacture this dating system is for browning firearms manufactured after 1958 most early browning serial numbers contained no date or model information and can not be dated using this system.

Dating sako rifles

Answerscom ® categories hobbies & collectibles firearms serial number 91450 in a sako l61r manu date serial number 91450 in a sako l61r manu date. What year was a sako vixen l 461 serial # 83845 manufactured and what is the value of the rifle - answered by a verified firearms expert. 110-series bolt-action rifles savage date of manufacture savage date of manufacture gun i'd like you guys to pm me with your questions on dating it .

  • Sako rifles sako was officially founded as a rifle company in 1921 but has roots dating back to before finnish independence originally .
  • Guns - sako hunter 75 question - i recently purchased a used sako 75 hunter from a local gun shop i wanted to know if there is a way to determine the.
  • Hi all i am new user to this forum who found it doing a search for sako rifles i own a sako forester (l579, serial number: 19780), 243 cal i have.

At this edition of the iwa outdoor classics trade show, sako showcased the new 85 carbonlight bolt action hunting rifle that was introduced earlier this year at the shot show. Find up-to-date gun values, and identification and grading information for sako firearms. Description of a number of methods for deciding the date of manufacture of classic and historic rifles or dating your rifle value in dating classic rifles.

Dating sako rifles
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